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Regulations for cyclists in France (Rules of the road)


  • Lights and Reflectors: All our bikes are fitted with a front and rear light.
  • Bells: Our bikes are equipped with bells.
  • Helmet: Helmets are mandatory for children under 12, whether cyclists or passengers. For adults, it is strongly recommended.
  • High Visibility Vest: Wearing a certified reflective vest is mandatory for all cyclists (and passengers) traveling outside the city, at night, or when visibility is insufficient. We offer these for rent and for free.


The road is shared with other many other users. Please be careful and respectful of others. For more information on traffic advice in cities and towns, we recommend the Road Safety website (Click here for more information)


  • The Highway Code applies to both cyclists and other users. Each offense is punishable by a fine. La Loire à Vélo passes through many vineyards; the penalty for drink driving is the same for a cyclist as for a vehicle driver.
  • Do not carry a passenger except on a seat attached to the bicycle. If the passenger is under 5 years old, this seat must be equipped with footrests and straps.
  • Use bike paths as much as possible.
  • Do not cycle side-by-side but instead in-line maintaining a safe distance, and in case of bad weather, increase the distances.


  • Nature: Your bike trip will allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes offered by each region. Please be respectful the fauna and flora, and countryside by picking-up and properly disposing of your rubbish/trash, such as after a after a picnic.
  • Infrastructures: La Loire à vélo organisation and local towns have made facilities available to cyclists. Please leave all facilities clean and ready for the next holiday-maker.
  • Be respectful of private properties
  • Wild camping: This is prohibited in France, unless the land owner grants you permission.