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Punctures are very rare because our bikes are equipped with Schwalbe puncture resistant tyres. We provide you with a repair kit and spare inner tubes as part of the rental, if you need to deal with a puncture.

Yes, although we’ll need to check feasibility before making arrangements according to your requirements and budget.

Generally, expect an average speed of about 15 to 20 km/h for relatively flat routes. If you’re an experience cyclist, we recommend between of 50km to 70km per day. If you’re athletic, 60km to 100km per day is possible. With a child, plan on a daily distance of up to 40km. Remember to take into account time spent for visits when planning your trip.

Our Classic hybrid bikes are made by the French brand ARCADE. We offer two frame types: women’s & men’s. They’re more comfortable than High Quality hybrid bikes.

Our Trekking hybrid bikes (American brand TREK and GIANT) comes in only one frame type: men’s. We recommend Trekking bikes for longer journeys because they are sportier, more efficient, and lighter. The choice of the bike, classic or trekking, depends on your budget and also the distance to be travelled. For trips further than 40km per day, or for longer than 4 days, we recommend the trekking bike.

We do not have suitable equipment for children under one year old.

We’re not able to transport clients. We only offer the transport of our bikes.

We will require a valid piece of identification and a credit/bank card. If you wish, you can also present your booking confirmation.

The amount of the deposit varies according to the equipment hired:

  • Classic hybrids : 300 € per bike
  • Trekking hybrids : 500 € per bike
  • Road Bike and Gravel: 800 € per bike
  • Electric Bike: 1400 € per bike
  • Child bike, trailer, piccolo: 200 € per equipment

The deposit is payable by credit/bank card (VISA or MasterCard only) in all our agencies. The deposit amount is not debited from your account, but is simply a pre-authorisation made to your bank. This authorisation is cancelled upon return of the undamaged bikes and equipment.

We recommend that you do not exceed more than 25 kg of weight on the pannier racks, and 30 kg on luggage trailers.

For all last minute hire requests, we advise that you directly call the agency from which you wish to leave.

If you wish to rent the bikes or equipment for longer than expected, or to change your arrival point, please contact us directly on:

In case of any problems, please contact us immediately on: 02 47 61 22 23

In case of problems there are two options:

Can you still ride? If yes, we will direct you to our nearest rental shop for repairs, or a change of equipment (subject to availability).

Has your bike stopped working, and you cannot ride any further? We can help you troubleshoot, or change the bike (subject to availability).

Our bikes are routinely inspected and serviced. If the problem is due to misuse, the repairs and call-out costs are at the customer's expense. If there is a maintenance problem on our part, the costs are at our expense.

From mid-June to mid-September, you can travel with you bikes on-board the regional InterLoire trains (TER) between Orléans and Le Croisic. Simple present your train ticket to board your bike free of charge in a specially-adapted carriage.

Outside of this period, most TER trains offer this service, but please check when buying your ticket if the train has a carriage for bike and if there is an additional cost.